Friday, July 29, 2016

Until He Be Taken Out Of The Way

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

     -Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, (a voice declaring: "Mark 17 and 7,") And There Was Silence In Heaven, Rev. 8:1, AD 96, my prayer closet 1993, AD

Prophecy Links

     -A Voice Declaring: "I have bears in 120 counties, ({countries}, as in bear markets), the fall of wall street, the wealth of the wicked mightily on the map 07/26/2016
     -Seen to be seeing a victorious rider of death, released out of the earth, come upon the abominations and detestation's upon the lives, lands and churches of the people, for they have forsaken God," 1994, (wealth, the american dream, the stumbling block of iniquity).
     -Seen to be seeing a beast eating and chomping on people even as they sat their porches, meaning no peace and safety for them, 2002, (see the Enron attach that killed many, Holy Spirit, 2002
     -Seen to be seeing a beast chomping and stomping from the pulpit, into the pews, once deceiving millions, now all vacant, 2014 (why doeth the city sit so solitary, that was once full of people? Lamatation

     The Great Day Of Wrath, Whose To Stand? Alters Of Repentance, Only, Get To Them! see

     In the book of revelation, 7:1, it is recorded doing great tribulations, certain angels are assigned to hold back the four winds until a certain amount of persons, actually the twelve tribes of Israel are sealed. Now if you're to take this amazing demonstration and aquatint it period toward God, and the entire Heavenly Host attitude toward the Anointed of Christ. That's while they're here, their kingdom as well not being of this earth/world; celebratory, but Jesus even explained to the disciples how they would see angels descending and ascending upon Him. so, now His, Royal Priesthood, The Bride, see Psalms 91.
     Well, evenly so, you'll understand why monster to apocalyptic storms like Patrica, can be held back from doing beastly terror and the taking of massive tolls on human life. Rightly, because essentially the righteous are in it's path and are thus preventing it's ability to wreak inconceivable havoc, as it is again hindered by them. Heretofore, Holy Spirits crying at pending horrors and this include territorial spirits how not to harm the oil and the wine, clearly Jesus Anointed Outreach, this purpose for this before man Righteous foundation.  
     Now imagine further, if there wasn't such a thing, if Holy Spirits didn't have such the assignment, didn't have to take these measures. Surely as those in the way of such monster storms are the rebellious, to those heathenistic, even demonic and are all set to perish from the earth anyway.  So just imagine how some of the greatest cataclysms ever will have their way on this earth, even beneath it and above it, when the Bride, when Christ anointed are taken out and no longer need this protection.
    Frightfully I'm reminded of a taxing  to physically exhausting manner of divine census taking I was made a party to as lately as a few months past. It's like an assignment went out from God's throne, how all the anointed yet earthbound were to be accounted for and as I said, I Apostle Bradford was made a party to this phenomenon, again really consuming. I give you remembrance of the ink horn man, Eze. 9, that was sent ahead of the six slayers from the higher gate north. That, as he, again, the ink horn man, an incarnate Jesus, was to place a protective mark upon all those sorely cast down over the lost, so just pause and ask yourself, how much value do you have? For the Lord God, Elohim, knoweth the way of the Righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.
     Only He (God), who now let, (allow His Anointed to hinder the earths total devastation), will let, (allow His anointed to hinder the earths total devastation), until He (His Anointed, The Bride) be taken out of the way, (it's long prophesied great gathering, famously described as the rapture, possibly 2016/17), and then (even then, no longer hindered by Christ's Anointed) shall that wicked (shall even that little horn, Antichrist), be revealed, see I Thess. 4:16-18, II Thess. 2. This is equally why it is said of these end times right now, unmistakably, how they will be the worse ever, clearly with millions upon millions dead, beginning at Us soil to Western Civilization.
     Notwithstanding, the Bride no longer here, the Supreme is free is pour out of His for the ancient prophesied, Wine Press, upon the wicked freely as He Will. That's with no fear of harming those counted by Christ Cross, Blood worthy to escape, all these things, He, Jesus explain is to come upon the earth. As so, this will give further clarity to Holy Spirits 2011, declaring to me as I busied about my kitchen, and I quote them, "soon, the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints, as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them, see Rev. 13. So ask yourself, are you one of the divinely marked, or are you, yet unrepentant, a tribulation saint of thousands of years of Christs' outreach?
     Believe this Apostle of resurrection, Holy Spirits know who you are and have marked you, and declared you ready or not, accordingly.  Now so miraculously as I've seen over and over again, these last 30 years, point and biblical fact, you and yours don't want to be here when the Bride no longer hinders catastrophes on this earth, the oceans and the heavens above, now all gone apocalyptic, just the worse of themselves, ever. So my expert question, well, first, I was reading commentary just yesterday about one of the first things Jesus preached.
     Jubilantly, about one of the first words out of His mouth, which was repent! And I begin to smile, just realizing that again, well, it made my ministry for all these years, even losing everything. This would include, so called family, friends, even Churchians, how it all made so much sense, no man can come to Christ except God draws them.  Even this little understood love affair I have with mankind, constantly, hopelessly devoted to getting their souls to Him, Jesus, it's Authentic Savior. For, and without end, at least until I ascend, God has already appointed His love toward mankind, that while you often refuse to repent, you, well for now, I admit, only in Jesus, you have a Blood Redeemer, so again and again, I ask, even on mended (repentant), knees, got Jesus yet? Awake, be as aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see more here ,