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What Manner Of Man Ought You To Be?

Article... Obama Flees USA, Hides Overseas! Article.. Flee the abomination that maketh desolate, said Jesus, see Mat. 24

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-Seen to seeing the back window of an SUV with huge orange letters warning ESCAPE! The kicking of the slow motion exodus into high gear is mightily upon us, again, Escape!
-Seen to be seeing four countries in a block, Asia, America, Russia and Japan ? 07/27/2002 Not only are these the four nations in a tug of nuclear war right now, this was predicated 15 years past, as so was lamented as of a month past how and I quote, "50 millions will die," 2002/ 2017. Evenly so was there further warning, 2003, how an imaginable toll on life, just this outbreak of mortuary was come, the first nation to world conquest now thrown down, Mystery America, the West, beware, delusions are rampant.
see,, come and see

The Artificial Loan, Slow Motion Exodus A Siege, A Mark That Is Come,

-How is Moses, (Obama), gonna lead an American exodus without Americans? Seeming ancient years ago, a new babe in Christ still by many visions, dreams and visitations to heaven and heaven visiting her, well me, now Apostle. Well I envisioned God granting an extension of grace, 20 years worth, that by it's duration 1996-2016, (I'd not until lately calculated this figure). I would soon deem them, marriage worshipers, being the class of 1996, a New African Juttah would be established, for the marriage worshipers, named 'Beast of Beauty, (see African Juttah, and the Juttah Septennial." see
-Although now since the whole world would be evacuated into mostly African island shores, when into the forbidden of sin African Juttah, these young marriage worshipers. That's evacuated by mega transforming ships, actually arks on and below water along escaping master disasters America and the world wide. Unknowingly then by what is now a populous Mayan Calendar, the year of 2012. Understand, he leading this national to international again exodus of a get away was an African born male, marriage worshiper, now the most powerful leader in the world, by the name of Darius, Preece Ebonee Bele.
-I know and though prophetically possible at the time, 1986-2016, it was only a dream of a disciple to an apostle this romantic. Even this poet wanting to express by deeply faithful teens the covenant of marriage God intended from the Genesis. Of such faithfulness grew the imagination assuredly as marvelous forth-telling past and present certainly. Right until the African Juttah in so many magnificent ways come the reality, even that such the exodus began the Mayan calendar something I knew nothing about doing this time.
-So when Holy Spirits showed me this come powerful world leader, then a Senator, and introduce him as 'the one,' and soon appointed him a time table of two weeks and sevens years until the end of Western civilization, Daniel's final week reign. Truly, were Holy Spirits describing the next Antichrist or the next Citizen of African, as in Moses days, to lead America, the West along a mightier than even this nation, the western world, a Moses style exodus, even an angel of death now loosed it's territories.
-Although unforeseeable 1986 into the future you have to consider a Western rule decimated and is no more, the Bride is taken off to heaven only seconds before. Islam to the Antichrist now hath 42 months each, this ending reign of the greatest ever evil, made all to appear this peaceful gathering. As so is God pouring out His wine-press, 175 miles of blood with it, hundreds of millions are dead and dying, so exodus is the only sanity. I, Apostle, forewarn you,Trump's should've instead been a race to repentant alters, whereas mercifully, it's a dwindling Truexit, escape while you still can, Apb,The RAM, even see here, and here,

State Duma member wants to send a message to Trump...Article 

     -There's a post on before it's news right now, 'Obama flees America,' I don't know how true it is, but I'm reminded of watching President Obama give a speech. I can't tell you who, what, where, I can only tell you that I found the situation so alarming I more than expected this man to go and round up his family and leave the country back then. So now his administration over, he move into a local resident, of course I thought him more than crazy, 
    -Truly at the time, Obama couldn't leave, he'd been predestined this position of highest rank for two weeks and seven years, and we, so busy bickering not having a clue. Even why we witnessed those two beast rise, Rev. 13, that Holy Spirits were by this time table referencing how much time exactly,was left of America into Western Civilization.
     -It's further why doing a fantastic demo of rapture, we then witnessed the end of Obama's  timetable past to a pending Cameron's Brexit, so again the END of the world for millions of Americans!. Justly only a few days past, well  04/070/17, Alex Jones was so upset at Trump bombing Syria, something he knew, as so many others by the RAM's prophecies was coming, again so buffed. was he, he spoke of grabbing his children and leaving the country.
     -Without hesitation, it is there I want you to do as Jones says, not as he does. This is America's exodus for as long as I've been ministering these 31 years this spring I been seeing and warning of this, so Obama, Clinton's or Trump's, you knew this was coming, believe it or not an estimated tens of millions will die US soil alone, so he that believeth not is,an does not escape, is condemned, a lake of fire await, beware., Apb

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-Seen to seeing the back window of an SUV with huge orange letters warning ESCAPE! The kicking of the slow motion exodus into high gear is mightily upon us, again, Escape!
-Seen to be seeing four countries in a block, Asia, America, Russia and Japan ? 07/27/2002 Not only are these the four nations in a tug of nuclear war right now, this was predicated 15 years past, as so was lamented as of a month past how and I quote, "50 millions will die," 2002/ 2017. Evenly so was there further warning, 2003, how an imaginable toll on life, just this outbreak of mortuary was come, the first nation to world conquest now thrown down, Mystery America, the West, beware, delusions are rampant., come and see

Yours Is A Nuclear Fate, Parables of Exodus Thirty-One Years In

   -Yeah! An Asian nation threatens US soil and again they instead target a vulnerable nation of middle eastern territory, why is that again? I know biblically we know why, why Syria, why Assad, and why Trump's America will be blamed for opening the prophetic portal allowing the Little Horn of Daniel reign at this time. I mean certainly, all allying enemies need is a reason, and American leaders acting out of bouts of insanity to demonic possession just keep giving it to them until. Well to be totally honest, they, enemy nations, Korea, China, Russia just naming a few of hundreds. Clearly, even the wine press of God are running out of excuses for not as Apostle has seen these 31 years this spring, especially, 2001-2017, the total cataclysmic end along, the bombing of Americans Dreaming, truly repent or perish!. 

State Duma member wants to send a message to Trump...Article 

     -An America Exodus, although unforeseeable 1986 into the future, well certainly, you have to consider a Western rule decimated and is no more, the Bride is taken off to heaven only seconds before. Islam to the Antichrist now hath 42 months each, this ending reign of the greatest ever evil, made all to appear this peaceful gathering. As so is God pouring out His wine-press, 175 miles of blood with it, hundreds of millions are dead and dying, so exodus is the only sanity. I, Apostle, forewarn you,Trump's should've instead been a race to repentant alters, whereas mercifully, it's a dwindling Truexit, escape while you still can, Apb,The RAM, even see here, and here,

Article... Obama Flees USA, Hides Overseas! Article.. Flee the abomination that maketh desolate, said Jesus, see Mat. 24 Prophecy Links -Seen to seeing the back window of an SUV with huge orange letters warning ESCAPE! The kicking of the slow motion exodus into high gear is mightily upon us, again, Escape! -Seen to be seeing four countries in a block, Asia, America, Russia and Japan ? 07/27/2002 Not only are these the four nations in a tug of nuclear war right now, this was predicated 15 years past, as so was lamented as of a month past how and I quote, "50 millions will die," 2002/ 2017. Evenly so was there further warning, 2003, how an imaginable toll on life, just this outbreak of mortuary was come, the first nation to world conquest now thrown down, Mystery America, the West, beware, delusions are rampant. see,, come and see And I Heard Many Things, "My People Perish, Are Dying,, Stripped Of Everything Christ, Behold I Will Strip Their Leaders" -Thank you Michael for keeping us alert, I know you already know the answer to these questions. If I'm not mistaken, you are a believing man, your family, if so, I can't wait to meet such spiritual siblings as yourselves this sudden take off we, the Bride is now pending September 23rd-25th.. I saw it. American's end by dreams, first,1996, as a bringer of death I so little understood even though Holy Spirits were lamenting. How it's come upon their abominable lives, lands and churches, having forsaken God, just as I remember, like is described of a super volcano; being released from beneath the earth, I witness as the earth open and a rider of death most victorious leaped up, out of it. -I saw such cataclysms American soil, further as three nights of pending wars danced about my sleeping head 1998, one enemy was Arab, the next an Asian Invasion like the one N. Korea and China are threatening and the next nights. Though I'd received two part words like, war saw, west worthy,, this particular night, was one world and that word was Epidemic. This other of most pending but most staggering, 2001, was in the form of an intrepid adventure suddenly and abruptly come to an end Of America, the West. That Michael was apparently for 190 months, lights out, over and as is promised with such precise suddenness. -Come with me to the part of the movie, Knowing, just as Nicholas Cage character realize what he been knowing all along, and his friend is there being made this sick to horrible death aware. Then he asked Nicholas' character who should they inform. He Nicholas' character explains no one, how they, nation to world leaders as well know. Agreeably, they know, they're just powerless as of God's prophecies to do anything about it, yet they put on the illusion that they can and they will when they never have,never will. Unmistakably, it's why they're all deemed men of prediction even from the womb, it's to explain seeing Jesus Millennium follow Obama's not Trump, this is because I witnessed a white man in a cursed sickbed, as this reaping of insurmountable blood guiltiness right into the end, unrepentant, be aware as God Himself, Apb, The RAM, what else can I tell you? Repent< Christ' Cross, or perish.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Obama, Dunlap, America, The Burnt Sacrifice, The Pale Horse, Rider 2001-2017

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?                           

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and fifty-six, 01/21 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, 

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

Prophecy Link, The Outbreak Of Mortuary

    -Doing this dream of witnessing First Lady Obama walking down my Dunlap Street, this was prior to her visiting Saint Jude of Memphis. It was prior to having a similar dream about President Obama, just before he visited Booker T. Washington of Memphis. I know , I know you're wondering why the Obama's, why have they been predestined the end of Western Civilization?
     -Besides Dunlap Street (as in time done lapse) street being the place where as a preteen I went under attack, where I witness US's first evacuation to exodus. There is the final timetable of two weeks and 7 years, 2008 given Obama's Administration.
     -That's of an existing 15.10 year timetable, 2001-2017, given America before God deal with them according to their abominations.  I tell you, it was as though my siblings and I were again all back in the early seventies, because there we all were. That's seven to eight of us, all squeezed tightly into the door, joyful, anxious out of our heads, just to get one glimpse at her, seeing abandoned our time has lapse street, the times, timed and a half given by an incarnate Jesus, see Dan. 12.
     -Undoubtedly at First Lady Obama veering off the Broadway road this America, this whorish, murdering predatory lending. Clearly Satan's seat (mass assembly), had for all mankind into greater desolation's of lost souls. Herein, don't be deceived, remember from whence thou art fallen, Jesus and do the first work, repentance, (see Scripturely, with things seen being temporal nothing in this world is worth you.
     -Any of you losing what the eternal Elohim, from the beginning hath for us, the Adam, whereby we cry,  Abba Father. Now as it's blood redeemed Heir, see the Genesis here, 1:26-28, beware. God's Will and not that of iron men will always be done here. Get to and worship, let the first resurrection find you surrendered to Christ Cross, thus worthy to escape at any moment with Him forthwith, see more here,

When The Fat Man, Michael Clark Duncan Sing Armageddon

The Fire Came Down And Consumed, Making America A Burnt Sacrifice, 15% Dead, Come Out,

     Now when Solomon had made an end of praying, the fire came down from heaven, and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices; and the glory of the Lord filled the house. And the priests could not enter into the house of the Lord, because the glory of the Lord had filled the Lord's house.
     And when all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down, and the glory of the Lord upon the house, they bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement, and worshiped, and praised the Lord, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever, Amen, Hallelujah, please see II Chron. 7th Chapter

   He That Sit In The Heavens Will Laugh, The Lord Will Have Them In Derision

      -I start beginning these blogs by describing one of the first live visions I ever saw. That even as I stood grooming myself this mirror, it took on a vision, the vision was that of God who'd rearranged His Throne until the back was at us, at mankind.
     -I tell my grands how religion is about the outward man, while his heart remain as dead men's bones, and only by a heart transplant is He capable of righteousness; equally, it's the Holy Spirit lamenting of Romans 6th chapter, "man can't do this," meaning a rebirth, Christ's Cross is needed.
     -Hereto explaining why the first thing Jesus says, when He's inquired by Religious leader Nicodemus, of what's apparent Holy Spirit He begin to explain the genius of being born again. Mankind who refuse to die to sin, but instead take pleasure therein and paint it all over with religious ritual as though God is as mocked as they themselves.
     -Honestly they don't really get the discretion until they open their eyes, and hell is their eternal home, a torture house of millions with millions pending right now Trump's White house, (pale horse, US soil, 2001-2017). I will admit every time I hear of fiery infernos, like those burning here, even the recent warehouse fire, those in Gatling-burg Tennessee.
     There were even reports that parts of Israel were blazed up lately. Even California, to Washington State and parts of Canada are all now known for historic, even hell fires, with Canada as America, Britain being commanded to be wiped from the map entirely.
     -As I was saying, never have I thought these fires were just coincidence, but the Supreme Father in more ways than one getting His Revenge on, whereas His end time vengeance by fire. The Wine Press it is called, will be God showing Himself more lethal at sin than ever before, or ever again.
     -Whereby we hear Martyred Blood cry, inquire, "how long O Lord Holy and True, doest though not avenge our blood upon earth's inhabitants? Only He has, yiu can it hear Rev. 17, when it say five are fallen. He is and He will continually until a new heaven and earth is also the believers inheritance.
     -When the psalmist suggest we kiss the Son, lest he be angry and we perish from the way, when His wrath is kindled just a little. The Apostle Peter in turn is describing such the like fury, viral enough to consume the entire planet in flames, this virtual baptism by fire I guess you can say.
    -Then He, Peter say something Holy Spirit extraordinary, knowing then the fate of this planet, yes including Trump's White House, especially Trump's White house, what kind of person ought you to be then? Hint, see Jesus. Well, just so you know, I was impressed to hear that President Obama decided to remain a residence here, although Holy Spirit say GO, Run for your souls! Meaning as acting President these last eight years, he especially should've seen to our exodus.
     -Before the Apostle Peter, there was the Prophet Joel going into such details, as the Gatling-burg flames, damage, which torched very prized historical to traditional valuables, with the Prophet Joel describing how there's to be stunning valleys, try unthinkable, eye catching treasures before you and nothing but smothering ashes behind you, beware, repent!
    -I grew up in Christ Jesus, under Jimmy Swaggart ministry hearing about King Solomon dedication of the temple, how no one lit these fires but an anger flames shot down from heaven. Little did I realize the backward throne of God in the mirror was totally indicative of how true worship is or how it should be; that God is not mocked, what we sow is what we reap.
     -That my first ever pulpit message would be out of this sacred scripture passage, with Elohim crying, only when there's such repentance, will his ears again attend, will his eyes (His Throne) again be open. I'd anxiously asked God to send me, my time in my prayer closet had become so special I couldn't wait to tell them, wasn't long before I was declared accursed, even a Judas Iscariot.
     -Here was a man, again King Solomon, who knew how to appease the wrath of God, we presently, all assembled people. We either do it, or let some of the worse fires, death and dying ever, of God continue to take such the needful fiery sacrifices upon Himself. Totally explaining why I saw the Country covered over in red, and here described as having 99 bowls of molten lava, meaning volcanic eruptions.
    -Just as I said, I remember hearing Father Swaggart describe how King Solomon didn't have to set these blazes, but fire would shoot like a rocket from heavens and devour these burnt offerings, that God was this angry. How for six days, God's appeasement was made in blood, flesh, fat-lings and flames making all but those slaying these 220 oxen, and 120,000 sheep to feeding these apocalyptic flames, insignificant.
     -You have to think back to Moses, for when he first reappeared to Egypt's Pharaoh this was the type of worship His God was asking the people be allowed to go into the wilderness and perform. It was to appease a God whose chosen people had been horrified by slavery for hundreds and hundreds of years, of course, King Solomon sacrifices would pale in comparison.
    -They were to be freed to go and make these manners of burnt offerings and sacrifices to their God, as their fathers before them had done, as their God so required of them. Though we know what his answer was (see Trump White house, as a short lived Truexit, an exodus), and even after 10 indescribable plagues, it was yet hard for Egypt's Pharaoh to kick against the picks of pride, fear and jealousy. Again we know what happen to Him, devoid of these temporal appeasements of greedy flames, he and his simply perished.
     -So when I describe how by a few minutes this glance, the highlights of Pence successful debate, I witness a fury rise into God's face, the Supreme Father, with his back at the unrepentant until they're alters of Jesus. Well, He's describing a similar offense against Him, as He speak to the Prophet Ezekiel, (Eze. 38;18), regarding the vicious reign of Gog and Magog.
     -Which is why I shared here lately, how not since the days of Senator Obama to President Elect Obama, have I had an entire night of dreaming about the rise of the Antichrist. That's until here lately, doing the days leading up to Trump's inauguration and yet all blazing infernos lately here and abroad can be laid to God having this kind of anger and above. Above, as in explosive days of Volcanoes and Fiery meteors and pools of molten lava will be all so record breaking, until Jesus Himself as promised and prophesied set his feet upon the mount of Olives.
     -As I said, until then, perhaps if one is to worship the Son, there's no way said wrath of God will ever be appeased, even though I've seen the white house itself that consumed in likeness of a burnt offering with nothing left. I keep telling people about the scripture verse I used to predict a Hussein White house 2003, and just recently, Jesus' millennium seen following his, Obama's.
     -Certainly, it's Like Jerusalem's courtyard being measured and found lacking, Rev. 11;1, 2, and fallen into the hands of it's enemy, Hamath, 42 months worth. It's as though Trump's has no legitimacy whatsoever, a victim of biblical prophecy, except to be a smudge of a news article blowing in the wayward breeze, we still don't want Jesus! See (
     -So was I seeing God making a fiery sacrifice even of the Greatest House Of All Time? Actually, to be accurate that would be more on the jest of making the entire country America, along a fiery burnt offering, only with the exception of the West, which felled to earthquakes, and giant tidal waves, even see Yellowstone. Just ask yourself, how can God look at what a phenom many say Trump's campaign, to inauguration and projected what new America will be?
    -I know, I know, don't laugh, this is not a laughing matter; how can Elohim God look at these identical causes to make people marvel with elation beyond imagining and simply say and I quote HIM, "these people need to fall in love with God, blood reconciliation, for God so loved the world.I know, I was leaving God's Throne, the Heavenly Host were all around, lamenting how they can't wait for New Jerusalem.
     -Just as John had witness, now descending down, as they're to as well be on the made like heaven earth. Only a week prior I'd been channel surfing along mass assembly, when I heard the Holy Spirit say sorrowfully, these people need to fall in love with God. For clarity, just see a people who were one second cheering their King Messiah on, Hosanna and in only a short space, these same cries, breath lamented, "Crucify Him.
    -Meaning their hearts, like most assembled Americans, Westerners nation and world wide are far and apart from His/Jesus. It's here clearly we hear Holy Spirits lamenting through the apostle Paul, God is not mock, and see Jesus getting at a terrified disciple Peter wielding angrily, violently a sword. The truth is human blood, like the earth's soil, reap whatever is sown therein, aving no respect to person nor age.
     -Saying that is to remind all of earths inhabitants how Adam's lineage is guilty of a blood guiltiness. Dangerously still, even rejecting Jesus they have a blood harvest always lurking among them. It's why even the elite are being detected right now, as has been prophesied God's Revelations these thousands of years.
     -Clearly of those running, hiding, burrowing down, in, underground, crying aloud to all such hideaways fall on us, hide us, for that day, even that very hour most dreaded all of human kind's lives, lands and churches is come, don't do an Obama, do rather a Snowden and get out of Western Civilization all together, for your souls, RUN!

      Awake, be aware as God, Himself, they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, an outbreak of mortuary is now happen to them, knowing the horrid fate of the faithless is why we like Jesus intercede for, not war against our enemy.

     Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him, see Psa. 2

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Not Of The First Adam Before The Fall, Not Of The Last Adam

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

 -Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, a voice "Mark 17 and 7, like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, Jesus, And there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993, AD, crying aloud, sparing not, my people are being stripped of everything Jesus, behold I will strip their leaders, GOH, Apb.

Jesus Is Coming, Jesus Is On The Way, 02/17/2015

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     -A voice, "self need to be pound into the dust, like a seed," for only then can it mutate through spiritual death and dying along a newness of human beingm this Holy Spirit, as this last ever Adam, Jesus Christ, see Jn. 3; 14:16
    -Very Vivid Dreams About the setting of this 'ring of fire,' all round, on the map, even more proof, all rebellion is come to an end, 08/30/2016

No Laughing Matter

    -In the park with my grands Sunday, 05/15/2016, sitting with Makhya. Well soon a rainbow color football of child's play come into the picture, I said it would be pretty if it wasn't for what it mean, then I asked her about the transgender restrooms and she said, its so crazy. Then I said, yeah, they adopted the rainbow covenant and now they're wondering where all the flooding is coming from.
-Of course Makhya burst into laughter, she could hardly contain herself. Causing me to burst into laughter as well, laid my head until I could contain myself. Finally she get these words out, Grandma, I never thought of that, I manage and say, yeah, its no laughing matter though, water rescues, people staying on their roofs, a lot of people are dead. Then I explained how everyone I remind that the rainbow covenant already belong to God.
-His promise to never again flood the earth, this time it will be by fire, already happening, volcanoes exploding all around us, even producing deadly earthquakes. read further here,

This Damn Fitting

     -Ah I'm sorry, sorry that no one but Jesus/Bride died to bring her the truth, sorrow, but I'm not a hypocrite, when I see my grandchildren influenced by proposed transgender restrooms and same sex  TV and movie characters, I remind them, this is not of God. It's not of the Genesis and thus its not of Jesus, nor of those united to worship Him, Jesus not Satan's Seat. How it doesn't matter how they move to have these stinging corrections stricken from the cannons of scripture, this too is a curse.
     -For it is written, nothing is to be added or taken away from Holy Scripture, the Apostle Paul said he doesn't care if it's an angel from heaven, if it's not rooted and grounded in Christ sacrificing Holy Blood for us, and it's not, not of first the Adam before the fall, not of the last Adam enduring the Cross, without hesitation count it, them all accursed. Beware, Apb, I hope she read here, 

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Prayer For Tribulation Saints

Day eleven, 08/29/2016, of the "week," prophecy, count down to resurrection, see.

Prophecy Link

      -Seen to be seeing two beast rise, one from land, one from sea and nothing is ever again the same into an outbreak of Hussein filling stations and emergency vehicles, 2008
      -A Voice, "I have a bear in 120 counties/countries" as in bear market, the stumbling and crumbling of the stock market on the map 07/24/2016
A Dying Apostate Church, Jesus Saw This 2000 Years Ago

Brexit, The Beginning Of The Crushing Of Toes, see Daniel 2:3-42

     -As I've testified, the few times I've witness Holy Spirit show themselves their most urgent about moving the church bride out of the way, always surrounded either a nuclear meltdown like the one of The April 1986. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine, it was doing this time a full scale demonstration regarding the bride being taken off of this earth, by Jesus himself. An awesome One bearing healing wings, who appeared in heavens to me, telling me three consecative terms to come up to him, soon too look upon him, was to look upon God, Himself.
     -Additionally, mean a time similar, of yet another nuclear planet disaster, the one mention per this article, The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, March 2011. This was the year not only were we forwarn our children/grandchilren would grow up in occuppied territory, in an occupied America, but it at this time Holy Spirit described, and quote, as I again fiddled around my kitchen, "that soon the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints, as the antichrist is given power to overcome them, interceding for them.  
     -Coming on for to carry us home, justly so, as the Bride is to steer and stay clear of this greatest of manmade cataclysms, well the last time I was demonstrated upon regarding the great gathering, flashing away into the heavens above and staying there much like a visitors, we could look down and see all the happenings upon the planet, the greatest of these I saw, was as we ascended, nuclear bombs were being launched toward the earth, as so was something oddly enough about a little drummer boy, and here I am surrounded by them.
     -This is why I say, the more I hear of rumors of nuclear wars, the closer I know Jesus is drawing toward us, explaining the first of last year, 2015, how Holy Spirits got messages through and I quote, "jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way. Remarkably, I saw, the more the earth is pending with especially nuclear disaster, the more removing us becomes Heavens primary agenda, then and only then will that wicked be reveal who the Lord will destroy with the brightness of His Second Coming.  
     Explaining just as well, why on the 18th of this month, I recieved a "week," prophecy, come to me both visually and audibly; I believe it's to verifiy what I been saying about us now entering upon the finale of the church age, into Daniel final week of Jaboc's end time regarding it greatest of trouble than at any time. Prophetically ending western civilization by a cataclysmic disaster, happening to it's soil, suddenly eraising nearly 200 years, passing the world then, into an Islamic/Antichrist, for the next seven years, 2001-2017/2024.
    -Now speaking of Obama, even blaming him, Obama is a man of perdition for these times as they all are, he's a prelude to an end time Islamic reign, but not of his own making, rather the wrath of God. This is why I said it before, well lets just say the Brexit vote had been prophesied in my work since 2004, as the beginning to the end of westernized civilization, as was Bush's war on the axis of evil, 2003, right along with an Hussein Whitehouse.
     -So you can say Obama is just one of the playing cards in the deck regarding the greatest games surrounding the end of nation building. All leaders of every category need to stop acting so surprised, stop laying the blame, we've been forwarn of such things since King Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream and he prophet Daniel interpreted to mean the end of all nation building in Jesus' own millennium, all right beginning with America, meaning western civilization, so we're talking thousands of years of keeing our heads up, regarding these reveals, so if you're yet caught unware, it yours not anyone elses fault, Awake! Apb, The RAM, Read more here,

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Memory Lanes, The Good Old Sinful Days

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                   

     -Like watching Noah's Earth, Flood, a voice, "Mark 17 and 7," like the days of Noah, Mat. 24, And there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, in my prayer closet, 1993 AD, (my people are being stripped of everything Jesus Christ), GOH, Apb

Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant                                    

Prophecy Links

     Seen to be seeing a pale horse judgement, followed by an Islamic reign, 12/24/2001-2017
     "Do they know, (our grandchildren), do your children know, that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America?" Holy Spirit 2011

Memory Lanes, The Good Old Sinful Days,                                  

      A Poster said, I grew up in Memphis TN. during a time when everyone treated each other like Family. We went outside to play, we got dirty and we didn't eat fast food....we ate sandwiches, candy, pickles, etc. We played Simon Says, Mother May I, Red Light, Green Light, Hide and Go Seek, Jacks, Marbles, Tag, Touch football, Hopscotch, Double Dutch and Checkers, and raced against each other in the street. There was no bottled water, we drank from the water hose. We watched cartoons on Saturday mornings, walked to the corner store and rode our bikes for hours without a cellphone. We weren't AFRAID OF ANYTHING not even The Police. If someone had a fight, that's what it was...a fist fight. Kids didn't have guns when I grew up. The street lights were your curfew. School was mandatory. We watched our mouths around our elders because we knew If you DISRESPECTED any grown up you're gonna get HIT with whatever's close...We need to get back to this for our kids.

Re-post if you're proud that you came from a close knit community and will never forget where you came from!

Apostle's Note, 1986-2016

     -You see this is what Holy Spirits were warning, my prayer closet, 1987, as far as what our children were losing the more we, parents, and yes He made us, parents, the home, churches, the primary culprits of this unforeseen wickedness. Herein I quote Them, how it would be like 'Parents,' putting a gun to their heads and pulling the trigger, to be exact. That's as long we allow modern technology into the home these violent, deadly, vulgar and lest I forget promiscuous forms of supposedly entertainment, (ie. wicked devices). Foolish, it's pretty much what we as righteous parents are so careful about, as not to offend anyone. Especially our children, instead, getting them to Jesus, yet we allow these evils to come into the home, this widely open, non suspicious vent of spreading it's venom, of pretending to be this innocent, again wildly popular, mostly damning entertainment.
     My sister Juanita, Ne Ne, wrote this, the walk along memory land, and this is exactly how we grew up, a small sub division in Raleigh/Frayser, Carver Height. Though we had the simple life, it wasn't all good, we had our fights, this bad mouth, anger, violence, even among ourselves. Even one of my brothers got so angry he took scissors and cut my beautiful hair, a cousin/brother, nightly tried to rape, me, the store owner, a pillar of the community, church deacon, too. That by the time I was eighteen and regardless of getting the heck knocked out of us, and we did, I had a one year old son, Cornellius and we were laying one of our three loving brothers in the grave, O how I miss, you, Big June.
     No, we weren't perfect, nor were our parents and overseers, we couldn't be, you must be born (reborn, Jesus), that way, perfect and that's impossible for any human being. The only thing, quite miraculous that made Jesus the exception, how even from the woman's womb He was totally Holy Spirit and totally human being, He is God, manifested in Holy Blood and condemn flesh.  This is what the Angel Gabriel was explaining to a teen age Mary, how she would conceive of the Holy Spirit, and bring forth the world's Savior; meaning, that virgin she'd been reading about, even it's hundreds of years of prophecy, she was it. It was her, she was reading about her own life, womb, hundreds of years prior.
     I call this post, memory lane, so we can't go back there, don't want to, don't want to carry my children or my grands back there, couldn't even if I tried. Do we even realize what Christ's Cross suffered, that we be right where we are at this very moment, even reading this post? Then, like my nine year old grand, Miya, taught doing bible study last week, even if people won't accept Him, Jesus, Jesus unconditionally, still died for them, see Rom. 5:8. So especially now, especially when the living word cries, we're to forget the past and press toward the mark, of the prize, of the high calling of God, which is Christ Jesus the lord, ...which is Christ Jesus the Lord!
     "Woe to the Inhabitants of the Earth and of the Sea For the Devil is Come Down Unto You, Having Great Wrath Because He Knoweth that he Hath But a Short Time!" see Rev. 12:12
     You see, please see, comprehend, this is additionally what Holy Spirits were forewarning 2011, when He described how my, you, our children grew up in free territory, how we, you and I, their parents did. Though our grand children, how that would be something different, something dark, more sinister, as Satan, demons and the rebellious all the more reign on human soil. Something even more cataclysmic is stirring around prophetic steaming pots, plots, one setting the country, it's deadly devices back for hundreds of years. As so, this forewarning, how your children and our grand children would all grow up in occupied territory, in a right this very second occupied America, reaping incalculable blood guiltiness and whoredom, for so long, sown, see more here,
     So this is where, how we've lost the children, from the beginning, even while in and from the womb, this cursed, genealogy, namely Adam. Apparently, this is not about the old, golden days of our childhood, but the old, failed, damned ways of our blood ancestry, all crept into the church, into the home, into the education centers, by all manner of corrupt entertainment. Now cleverly, social media, this monstrous blood plague, even the heart, they, you, your children sleep with twenty four seven, though no where to be found, is this blood redeemer, cleaner, Jesus. What's crystal clear is, we have achieved the American Dream, it treasures so temporal, damning, only in the process, we've lost Him, you've lost, Him, Jesus, Jesus is the way, truth and the life, especially for our children, no man, church, home, government, celebrity no Pope or President.
     There is none, who can come unto the Father God except by this Single Name given under heaven, whereby condemned mankind can be saved, Jesus. I mean, unless you have the heart of Jesus in your once hollow chest, that's pounding you daily into God's form of righteousness. That's pounding you and those all around you daily into a new man, a Holy, consecrated Temple of God. Sincerely, stop being deceived, stop deceiving yourselves, stop deceiving others, this double curse. He, Elohim, God, Jehovah, He can't hear you anyway. He only listens to the Heart of Jesus, and the farther you are away from Him, Jesus, now this apostate mass assembly. That abominable actually separating you from Him, Jesus, well, lets just say, here, kneel, yes, right where you are, to get to Him, God, you must be born again, see Jesus. Awake, be as aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, also see,

Friday, July 29, 2016

Until He Be Taken Out Of The Way

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

     -Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, (a voice declaring: "Mark 17 and 7,") And There Was Silence In Heaven, Rev. 8:1, AD 96, my prayer closet 1993, AD

Prophecy Links

     -A Voice Declaring: "I have bears in 120 counties, ({countries}, as in bear markets), the fall of wall street, the wealth of the wicked mightily on the map 07/26/2016
     -Seen to be seeing a victorious rider of death, released out of the earth, come upon the abominations and detestation's upon the lives, lands and churches of the people, for they have forsaken God," 1994, (wealth, the american dream, the stumbling block of iniquity).
     -Seen to be seeing a beast eating and chomping on people even as they sat their porches, meaning no peace and safety for them, 2002, (see the Enron attach that killed many, Holy Spirit, 2002
     -Seen to be seeing a beast chomping and stomping from the pulpit, into the pews, once deceiving millions, now all vacant, 2014 (why doeth the city sit so solitary, that was once full of people? Lamatation

     The Great Day Of Wrath, Whose To Stand? Alters Of Repentance, Only, Get To Them! see

     In the book of revelation, 7:1, it is recorded doing great tribulations, certain angels are assigned to hold back the four winds until a certain amount of persons, actually the twelve tribes of Israel are sealed. Now if you're to take this amazing demonstration and aquatint it period toward God, and the entire Heavenly Host attitude toward the Anointed of Christ. That's while they're here, their kingdom as well not being of this earth/world; celebratory, but Jesus even explained to the disciples how they would see angels descending and ascending upon Him. so, now His, Royal Priesthood, The Bride, see Psalms 91.
     Well, evenly so, you'll understand why monster to apocalyptic storms like Patrica, can be held back from doing beastly terror and the taking of massive tolls on human life. Rightly, because essentially the righteous are in it's path and are thus preventing it's ability to wreak inconceivable havoc, as it is again hindered by them. Heretofore, Holy Spirits crying at pending horrors and this include territorial spirits how not to harm the oil and the wine, clearly Jesus Anointed Outreach, this purpose for this before man Righteous foundation.  
     Now imagine further, if there wasn't such a thing, if Holy Spirits didn't have such the assignment, didn't have to take these measures. Surely as those in the way of such monster storms are the rebellious, to those heathenistic, even demonic and are all set to perish from the earth anyway.  So just imagine how some of the greatest cataclysms ever will have their way on this earth, even beneath it and above it, when the Bride, when Christ anointed are taken out and no longer need this protection.
    Frightfully I'm reminded of a taxing  to physically exhausting manner of divine census taking I was made a party to as lately as a few months past. It's like an assignment went out from God's throne, how all the anointed yet earthbound were to be accounted for and as I said, I Apostle Bradford was made a party to this phenomenon, again really consuming. I give you remembrance of the ink horn man, Eze. 9, that was sent ahead of the six slayers from the higher gate north. That, as he, again, the ink horn man, an incarnate Jesus, was to place a protective mark upon all those sorely cast down over the lost, so just pause and ask yourself, how much value do you have? For the Lord God, Elohim, knoweth the way of the Righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish.
     Only He (God), who now let, (allow His Anointed to hinder the earths total devastation), will let, (allow His anointed to hinder the earths total devastation), until He (His Anointed, The Bride) be taken out of the way, (it's long prophesied great gathering, famously described as the rapture, possibly 2016/17), and then (even then, no longer hindered by Christ's Anointed) shall that wicked (shall even that little horn, Antichrist), be revealed, see I Thess. 4:16-18, II Thess. 2. This is equally why it is said of these end times right now, unmistakably, how they will be the worse ever, clearly with millions upon millions dead, beginning at Us soil to Western Civilization.
     Notwithstanding, the Bride no longer here, the Supreme is free is pour out of His for the ancient prophesied, Wine Press, upon the wicked freely as He Will. That's with no fear of harming those counted by Christ Cross, Blood worthy to escape, all these things, He, Jesus explain is to come upon the earth. As so, this will give further clarity to Holy Spirits 2011, declaring to me as I busied about my kitchen, and I quote them, "soon, the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints, as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them, see Rev. 13. So ask yourself, are you one of the divinely marked, or are you, yet unrepentant, a tribulation saint of thousands of years of Christs' outreach?
     Believe this Apostle of resurrection, Holy Spirits know who you are and have marked you, and declared you ready or not, accordingly.  Now so miraculously as I've seen over and over again, these last 30 years, point and biblical fact, you and yours don't want to be here when the Bride no longer hinders catastrophes on this earth, the oceans and the heavens above, now all gone apocalyptic, just the worse of themselves, ever. So my expert question, well, first, I was reading commentary just yesterday about one of the first things Jesus preached.
     Jubilantly, about one of the first words out of His mouth, which was repent! And I begin to smile, just realizing that again, well, it made my ministry for all these years, even losing everything. This would include, so called family, friends, even Churchians, how it all made so much sense, no man can come to Christ except God draws them.  Even this little understood love affair I have with mankind, constantly, hopelessly devoted to getting their souls to Him, Jesus, it's Authentic Savior. For, and without end, at least until I ascend, God has already appointed His love toward mankind, that while you often refuse to repent, you, well for now, I admit, only in Jesus, you have a Blood Redeemer, so again and again, I ask, even on mended (repentant), knees, got Jesus yet? Awake, be as aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see more here ,