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The Prayers (Intercessory) Of The Righteous

 The Sacrifices Of The Wicked Are An Abomination To God Proverbs 21:17

 The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, you will not despise, Psalm 51 www.straitisthegate14.blogspot.com

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       Seen to be seeing a vicious beast filled with mankind's swallow stomping and chomping it's way from the pulpit to the pews which seem vacant, the great falling, STAMPEDE away from apostate Christianity mightily on the map 2014

 Super Tuesday

     -Bible prophecy does have a sense of irony to it, even when it come to politics, even this count down to Obama's election, 2008.  Surely I’ve testified how before the Obama administration I had more dreams about the Antichrist Rise, than ever before.  Doing one of them was the rise of two mighty beast, one from land, one from sea, that then spurn everything into fierce debates concerning Hussein filing stations on American soil. That the presidential motor-cage, automobile went on to be called, nothing other than “the beast,” no coincidence believe me.
     -Evidently, now that Donald Trump, the emphasis here being on TRUMP, is looking to be the Republican Presidential nominee, this, just as Holy Spirits this time last year explained the Trump of God is readying to sound. Not only so, but did they as well show me the rise of the stone made without hands, meaning the Kingdoms, nations and politics of men becoming those of God and His Christ, that they're to reign over it all, like right now! I saw Him, Jesus reign over all national to international presidencies, now an entirety of rebellious mankind would be angry with Him.
     -Then there’s Clinton, I witness in a dream, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for him, her and him, Obama together, how they.  Well, what I saw was a funeral reef sitting the handle bars of a bike rider, this paper route, even the date 11/04, that tore and towered into the sky above representing them unto this too miraculous to describe, death toll. Now you’re to remember, doing President Clinton’s second administration, they fiddle and fuddled about politicking until what., 800,000 men, women and children were slaughtered in Darfur, Rwanda.
     -Now this recent migration and it seeming as worthless as to sweep under the rug less regarded than the falling from the table, crumbs, I know. Truly I know, the Lord God doesn’t see you all, like in the days of the prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel, even Daniel, He’s ascended from the estates of His Own Proposed Mankind. Truly, why you think an appearing to me Angel Gabriel mention the Seventh Angel, the prophetic events surrounding it's performance regards the ultimate fall of world leaders of all kind, these potential to Towels of Babel Nimrods of their own kind.
     -All with Americans crying don’t bring them here, migrates, it was because of this same fear mongering regarding Islam 2003, I predicted a Hussein White House would Rule over them. This is good advice though, I hope all migrates listen, for the wrath of God is going to extinguish America from off the map, planet, well actually westernized civilization. Meaning just as before her, nothing will be left of her, I know I keep saying it, like Ezekiel on the repeat, but for thirty years they’ve been showing and telling me this, why I call her a slow motion exodus. Thus migrates coming here, as desperate as they are is like jumping out of the pot into the frying pan, that’s plain enough right?
     -It was in the early nineties Elohim was just as plain, and I quote Him, “I am going to destroy America,” and as I described before, I almost laughed at Him, thinking America too hard for Him. The same God who destroyed Noah’s earth, Sodom and Gomorrah, Nimrod’s Tower, and every great nation that followed, unto the dispensation allowing what we’ve come to describe as the Free-world so proud, 2001-2017. Truly not realizing, without Hitler’s dead ten million, all the dead by wars and holocaust before them, all the dead and dying at present, even the migrates lamentations, no way could any of it ever existed, why Jesus said no to it, now this innumerable blood guiltiness crying toward Him and God's Wrath ending it.
     -World leaders for centuries of stealing killing and destroying have given God nothing but blood in return for His Grace, It’s Sacrificial Cross. So like Egypt, rivers of blood is what they’re reaping, a 175 miles lake of it, their now proposed Jihad, running right through what they once called indescribable innovations. Unmistakably, it is a holocaust, it has always been a holocaust, and until a returning Jesus, Bride and the Armies of Heaven with them, sat His Feet upon the mount of Olivet. Prophetically, said arriving so cataclysmic it’s to deliver Israel like in the days of Moses right out of the hands of her enemies, being, becoming and abiding in holocaust is mankind's overall religious to political strong delusion, thus curse.         
     -I guess now you know another thing, how it’s so true, the Righteous God He is has for the purpose of biblical prophecy fulfilling allowed various holocaust dating back to Cain slaying Abel, with nothing but more bloodshed and holocaust to come out of it. This is what Jesus actually meant, when he dared the Religious Leaders to kill, that’s crucify Him, that in three days. His knowing eventually this horrific death and dying of men would end with Him, as the last enemy of His, of mankind to be destroyed by Christ’s Cross, would be death, He, Christ, being the first begotten of it.    

    -This is why the first of last year I also saw, that when I saw the stone made without hands reign, it was explained, even described as the Antichrist murderer, meaning for a thousand years doing Christ Reign death and dying would be laid aside, then the great white throne judgment, where death has no safe heaven, where even the Prince of this world shall be judged, Awake, Apb, The RAM, www.wtpotc2016.blogspot.com   

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