Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No Laughing Matter!

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                                                                  

Tribulation Saints (rebellious, Apostate church), Left Behind, See Here                     http://www.infowars.com/emergency-alert-wwiii/

Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant

      Je'suis (I am, We Are) Jesus Christ, A young woman required an emergency C-section after an April 15 attack by Hindu radicals on the Full Gospel Church. As believers worshipped that evening, members of the Bhagath Singh group rushed into the room and tried to stop the service. The Hindu radicals shouted at the pastor, cursed the Christians and told them they would be killed if they continued to pray. When the Christians ignored them and continued to pray and sing, the radicals began attacking the crowd. In the scuffle, a 27-year-old pregnant woman, “Ahanti,” was shoved roughly to the ground. The conflict dissipated when the persecutors left and Ahanti was rushed to the hospital. see http://www.persecution.com/public/newsroom.aspx?story_ID=%3d383035&featuredstory_ID=%3d353331

The sacrifices of the wicked are an abomination to God, Pro. 21:27 see Cain

The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51

     What God Hath Brought Together Let No Man Put Asunder. ...not even the gates of hell...Jesus... www.180yourchurchcondemnhell15.bl...

 Prophecy Links

 A Voice Declaring: “The dying of schools is painful, let he among you (he without sin) cast the first stone," the fall of peace and safety, of especially the children on the map 10/01/2003) See ABC, 04/08/2002, 03/15/2003, 03/13/2003, 05/09/2003, 09/08/2003, 04/16/2004, 05/11/2004, 08/22/2004, 10/03/2004 and many more…

 No Laughing Matter                                                                                                     www.jesuscomeknocking2016.blog...

      -In the park with my grands Sunday, 05/15/2016, sitting with Makhya. Well soon a rainbow color football of child's play come into the picture, I said it would be pretty if it wasn't for what it mean, then I asked her about the transgender restrooms and she said, its so crazy. Then I said, yeah, they adopted the rainbow covenant and now they're wondering where all the flooding is coming from.

     -Of course Makhya burst into laughter, she could hardly contain herself. Causing me to burst into laughter as well, laid my head until I could contain myself. Finally she get these words out, Grandma, I never thought of that, I manage and say, yeah, its no laughing matter though, water rescues, people staying on their roofs, a lot of people are dead. Then I explained how everyone I remind that the rainbow covenant already belong to God.

     -His promise to never again flood the earth, this time it will be by fire, already happening, volcanoes exploding all around us, even producing deadly earthquakes. How is it they always respond, they never considered that. That's because only by revelations of Christ do we plainly see evil for what its for, a devil to demon in pulpit, parents to political clothing. Though, when mankind lose the Genesis, they lose God reforming a chaotic earth into Eden, into our natural mother,

     -Meaning it return back into its original chaotic sense. Actually something scientist great and small are warning is already happening and will all the more happen once the Bride is no longer here this divine hindrance, so right into targeting and killing millions. The only thing to halt it's complete deletion, Jesus’ millennium following seven years later, with New Jerusalem descending down, a thousand years after that. explaining why same sex marriage is described as an act against nature, the Genesis, see Romans. 1.

     -See, there's nothing innocent about the LGBT and P for pedophile movement, its a demonic formation of ending the Godman, meaning its anti-Genesis/God/Christ/Bride. Though now its greatest abomination targeting the schools, getting the child where they and their seeming to be clueless. That's brainwashed and headless (leaderless) parents are their most vulnerable, the highly praised education system now wickedly invaded. Henceforth, no laughing matter, millions are in hell because of it.

     -That's with millions destined, and millions more this target unless they repent. Forgive us O God, Jesus, we have sinned, wash us make us clean, receive us into thy glory, it's bosom again, that we no longer lead ourselves into temptation. You all know what your Father Nation, Obama, the Pope, even those political, Trump, Clinton,  should be doing, leading the American, to Westernized Civilization for thirty years proposed, exodus, as unthinkable disasters target every abominable ounce of it, awake, be as aware as God Himself, Apb,The RAM, www.2016pforpedophile.blogspot... www.daniel534bc2017ad.blogspot...


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