Monday, May 16, 2016

Thou Art Abraham's Seed

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Tribulation Saints (rebellious, Apostate church), Left, See Here

Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant

The Sacrifice of the wicked are an abomination to God, Prob. 21:27, see Cain

The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise, see Ps. 51, see Abel

Prophecy Links

     I was just now saying, if we're this close to the fulfillment of Daniel's final week, then the Bride is running out of reasons for being here, which then explain, Gabriel 2004, describing this generation as the one, and Holy Spirit, 2012, reassurance the Bride now heaven bound assignment, and I quote, “soon the Church Bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the Tribulation Saints as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them,” as so much recent as 02/17/2015, Holy Spirits, saying, actually communicating by several visual text messages and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way."

     ...and The Lord Himself... see I Thess. 4:16-18, now comfort one another by the only Trump that's going to save us, Awake, Apb,The RAM, see more here,

Abraham's Seed ,                                        05/15/2016      7:47 AM

       -And God Almighty Bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, that thou mayest be a multitude of people And give thee the blessings' of Abraham, to thee, and to thy seed with thee; that thou mayest inherit the land wherein thou art a stranger, which God gave onto Abraham. Gen. 28:3, 4,     ...Today's daily bread, May 15th

This is the New Covenant I Will Make With The House Of Israel

     -This covenant alone explains why the people of Jerusalem took up stones to slay Him, when Jesus said, before Abraham, I Am, before the foundation of the world actually (see the woman’s seed, the enmity for mankind, see Jesus). Of course moments earlier He made this to them ridiculous claim, how all those who believe (worship) in Him, Jesus, shall never die! ...and I shall raise them up on the last day... worship Jesus. mom, Vergie May, final earthbound, to resurrection, blessed lesson...
     -Surely this is why I always make reference to Mack's passing, as His Ascension. Remarkably I was there when it happen, giving up this perilous effort to keep his dying, suffering flesh here. Anointing him with crosses up to the final second, finally realizing this was more about me not wanting this sore sacrifice than him who’s to make it. Spirit willing, flesh damn afraid of it, finally I said, as I was anointing him. As we were celebrating standing on Holy Ground, Angels all around, I said, "you are ascended" and straightly he did, that’s four years now.
     -Standing outside a day passed, looking into a duck pond with this astonishing sky above, birds chirping, into a fabulous spring, just all things immeasurable. I said, just think, this is our inheritance, all over this world, being an heir with Christ Jesus. “I will destroy those who destroy the earth,” laments, a mightier than them all, Elohim… “and they shall know I am God,”  Ask Egypt’s Pharaoh until all nations transgressing. 
     -Right now its invaded with those causing their natural mother to show herself more and more chaotic of sowing their evil devices poured into it. Though, this wickedness every day, hour, second fulfilled is why God's Wine Press is activated, then unto Jesus who will spend a thousand years preparing it for a descending from heaven New Jerusalem. Clearly with a river of blood flowing some 175 miles through it, that’s seven years to burn their sewn asunder weaponry, seven months to bury their dead, every bone having a burial assignment, only as Jesus hath reign, would humankind be saved of any of it.
     -While Caden and I were out, either playing soccer or having a dance contest, the things I do with, for my grands. I said, you know tomorrow is granddaddy birthday. Then he said, ask, what we gonna get him? Then I said, he's in heaven, he doesn't need anything from us. Then Caden said, smiling, yeah, he got gold, he got a robe, he got a crown, by the time he finish saying, I was dancing and shouting, hallelujah!
     -There's this thing else, I didn't get to mention to Caden, this May 15th, is the twelfth anniversary of the Angel Gabriel's appearing. When first I saw him, I said, ah nall, this heartbroken, that God still have to take such measures. Now I quote him, "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind," as so was mention, a seventh Angel, meaning, world nations are angry, for the great day of God’s wrath hath come, and we are that final generation, worship Him, again I say, ask, got Jesus yet?

PS. Happy birth, ascension and resurrection day to Mack, Mccluster Bradford, resting in the wings of an appearing to capture away the Bride of This indescribable Bridegroom,, Jesus, our God, Reign. Apb, The RAM

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